Buy Vintage Rolls

EBay: eBay has probably the largest selection of music rolls available. You can find hundreds of listings for standard 88-note rolls, also 65-note, Nickelodeon rolls, and Reproducing rolls for the Ampico, Duo-Art, Welte and Recordo pianos. Some words of caution; it’s always best to deal with established sellers with positive feedback. Also be sure to ask before an auction ends if the seller would be willing to ship USPS Media Mail. Media Mail is the cheapest rate for shipping rolls, and if you begin collecting, saving on postage is everything. Piano rolls qualify for Media mail as a sound recording; not in the sense that it is an audio recording, but a recording of a performance of an artist. This is the online store for Goodwill. Sometimes there will be rolls listed for sale. Advantage of buying here is less competition from heavy weight collectors on eBay. Generally rolls can be had here for cheap, but always ask if the seller will ship Media Mail, because most stores don’t know about the rate. A large crafts store that sometimes has rolls listed. Do your part and save some rolls from becoming colorful decoupage or centerpieces. I’ve rescued a number of good rolls from here, but Etsy doesn’t have the continuous volume of rolls like eBay.

Roller Tunes Roller Tunes runs an auction just about quarterly every year as well as stocking Re-cut copies of original rolls. All rolls are inspected to insure that they are in playing condition, so no worries about getting unplayable rolls that need repair.

Other sources this is a more inclusive list of places to buy rolls. Some of these dealers have auctions, some do mail catalogs, and some have actual stores and they tend to specialize in different types of rolls.

QRS Music Rolls QRS has been manufacturing rolls since 1900 and is the only remaining original roll company. They have a large stock of all types of songs from old favorites to modern songs.

Sierra Music Rolls Offers roll copying and roll scanning services at reasonable prices. I have had several different projects done through them and I can vouch that their quality is always exceptional and fast service. If you need a damaged or special favorite roll copied, this is the place to go.

Johnny’s Music Rolls A nice selection of quality re-cut Nickelodeon rolls at reasonable prices for “A”, “G”, and “O” Nickelodeons.

Bluestone Music Rolls Bluestone has been issuing quality recuts of exceptionally rare rolls since 1988. A notice on the site says that shipping has ceased, but there may still be a way to get a copy of remaining inventory. Many rolls by the best of the best on this site including James P. Johnson, Jimmy Blythe, Fats Waller, and other exceptional pianists of the time.